Counselling and Application

Before Admission, comes counselling of the student. At the initial stage, students are really confused about which country or University to choose. Admission is one of the important aspects of the whole process. Admission and the Application procedures need a lot of attention as no mistakes are accepted. Edu overseas helps students with this process in a very smooth way.  We assist each and every student with all the required documents and pay a complete attention to all their queries and then review the applications before they are submitted to the chosen universities.

Application and Admission Assistance

To sum up everything, documentation is required, and is even considered one of the most important part in the process. Documentation is a legal evidence of all the information required to study overseas. If any of the documents turns out to be inappropriate it may cause a problem in the further process. So it is very important to collect all the papers very critically as no mistakes are accepted. Once you finalise the university, and done with the application part you should start working on the documents to be submitted for the visa. This is again a procedure that needs careful attention. If one or more documents are not in order, your visa application may get rejected. To avoid such unpleasant situations we guide the students with each and every document required so they don’t face any problem. The students are expected to assemble all the documents in the told manner and then our team would review before proceeding for Visa. Submitting the right documents is the first step towards ensuring, that your student visa is approved and no problems are caused.