Amol Annasaheb Dabhade

Myself Amol Annasaheb Dabhade. Basically, from my childhood, I had a dream to study abroad, especially in Europe, but as the days passed, I got to know about the reality of studying abroad, like huge expenses, high tuition fees, etc. Because I am from a farmer’s background, I didn’t have sufficient money to enter this race. Then I decided to get the help from educational consultants for the admission process and scholarship, but when I saw the huge consultancy fee charged by them, then I felt disappointed.

Then one of my friends from Mumbai advised me to get help from  “TheEduOverseas”. Then I came to Mumbai, and after the first meeting, I decided to do my process with them. The first reason is that they weren’t taking a huge processing fee, and I felt they were genuine. As I started my process, I had lots of difficulties, but they supported me and guided me a lot. I started my procedure in Nov 2021. That time, Deepali madam, gave me some countries and course options for my master’s. But due to my economic situation, I chose Italy. I got an offer in February 2022 from the University of Parma for the Master in Food Safety and Food Risk Management program for Fall 2022.

TheEduOverseas guided me all the process and they did it excellently. There was a point in the process where I was ready to give up, but they pushed me a lot. It took approximately 1 year to complete my process. And finally, now I am in Italy, taking my education at my dream university, and I also have a fully funded scholarship through the Italian Government. For Italy, I strongly suggest “TheEduOverseas” as an educational consultant. All these things were possible just because of them. Now I can fulfil my dreams which I had from my childhood.

Amol Annasaheb Dabhade,  University of Parma, Italy – Fall Intake 2022