F/o. Daarain Ahmed Fiaz

Dear Vandana,

I would like to put down my appreciation in words for your kind service at the time my son Daarain Ahmed Fiaz started his Diploma – International Culinary Arts at IMI Luzern.
Your invaluable guidance was spot on for us to decide to take up the course at IMI Luzern.
Your continuous support made sure my son Daarain (student I’d 309876) got his paper works done on time to reach IMI Luzern on time to start his Diploma program.
In fact he has completed his Higher Diploma and is in the process of going (August 2022) for his BA in International Culinary Arts.

I once again write down my heartfelt appreciation for your guidance and support.

Thank you
Fiaz Ahmed Basheer
F/o. Daarain Ahmed Fiaz


(IMI August 2022)