Milan Fernandez

I’m Sylvia Fernandez mother of Milan Fernandez.

After choosing Hospitality as the Masters degree for Milan, the search for the best university began.

Our first meeting with Vandana Ma’am was magnetic. Her guidance, coming down to the person’s level and making them understand is just amazing. Right from arranging meeting with university superiors, she handled to a T.

The filling of forms, taking interview dates, the co-ordination was excellent. Right from day one everything was systematic.

I would recommend many people to consult them. In short it is just the gateway for a good career that lies ahead for each student. All I can say is with the team’s keen dedication, observation and ultimately the direction I’ve made a “Life Path” for Milan. A big gratitude to each and every person in for helping my son scales the heights of his career.

Thanks for everything.

Mrs. Sylvia Fernandes