Siddhesh Chavan

Siddhesh Chavan here; I’m from Mumbai. I had no idea where to begin or how to move forward when I made the decision to pursue a career abroad. Since then, I had been looking for advice from someone knowledgeable about the full process. In spite of my extensive searching, I could not locate any experts or counselors that could effectively guide me without charging a significant sum of money.
Then I found “TheEduOverseas” contacts online, and after meeting them I understood that they are the only ones who could adequately guide me because they told me the truth without adding anything additional. They guided me with the actual facts, whilst others only wanted to profit by spreading false information.
Then I began implementing the process as per their guidance. From the time I applied for a university application and scholarship until I received my visa, my process took almost a year. Throughout this time, they provided me with excellent guidance and support. I got stuck numerous times, but they encouraged me and gave confidence.
I got an offer from the University of Parma in Italy for a master’s degree in food safety and food risk management program for the Fall 2022 intake and also received an offer of a fully funded scholarship from the Italian government. The entire process of the scholarship was also done by them. From applying  to the top-ranking university, to applying for the fully funded scholarship and  doing the visa process, everything was done by them.
The experience and journey with TheEduOverseas were awesome and unforgettably memorable. I appreciate all of your advice and help so much. I’m now prepared to accomplish my future objectives.
Siddhesh Chavan, University of Parma – Italy, Master’s  in Food safety and food risk management
Fall intake 2022